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increased adrenal gland adenoma incidence +   
increased colon tumor incidence +   
increased cystadenoma incidence +   
increased duodenum glandular epithelium tumor incidence +   
increased gastrointestinal stromal tumor incidence  
increased Harderian gland adenoma incidence  
increased intestinal adenocarcinoma incidence +   
increased intestinal adenoma incidence +   
greater than the expected number of a benign epithelial neoplasm with a glandular organization arising in the small and/or large intestine, occurring in a specific population in a given time period
increased intestinal hemangioma incidence 
increased liver adenoma incidence  
increased lung adenoma incidence  
increased ovary adenoma incidence  
increased pancreas adenoma incidence +   
increased pancreatic gastrinoma incidence 
increased parathyroid adenoma incidence  
increased pituitary adenoma incidence +   
increased salivary gland adenoma incidence  
increased sebaceous gland adenoma incidence  
increased stomach tumor incidence +   
increased thyroid adenoma incidence  

Exact Synonyms: increased intestinal adenomata incidence ;   increased intestine adenoma incidence
Definition Sources: MGI:pvb

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