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electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy (MMO:0000710)
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ex vivo method +     
in vivo method +     
audiometry +  
bioassay +   
bioimpedance method +  
body fluid collection method +  
body measuring method +   
body movement/behavior method +   
calorimetry +  
consumption measuring method +  
dynamometry +  
electrical potential recording method +   
electroanalytical method +  
electroconvulsive threshold test 
electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy +  
A method for studying materials with unpaired electrons. The basic concepts of EPR are analogous to those of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), but it is electron spins that are excited instead of the spins of atomic nuclei.
enzymatic method +   
enzyme or transport activity assay +   
ex vivo analysis of atomic composition +  
ex vivo biological fluid analysis +   
ex vivo linear measurement method +   
ex vivo manometry 
ex vivo microbiological method +  
ex vivo microscopy +   
ex vivo photography +  
ex vivo radiography +   
ex vivo solid waste analysis +  
ex vivo visual assessment  
ex vivo volume measurement method +   
flowmetry +   
immunoassay +   
in vivo linear measurement method +   
in vivo microscopy +  
in vivo photography +   
in vivo radiography +   
in vivo thermometry +   
in vivo visual assessment +   
isolated body part method +   
isolated cell method +   
laser interference biometry 
manual palpation method  
molecular separation method +   
nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy +  
ophthalmoscopy +   
optical coherence tomography 
optokinetic reflex test method 
osmometry +  
plethysmography +   
radioactivity measurement method +   
radiotelemetry +   
respiratory mechanics assessment method 
sensation test +  
servo-null micropipette transducer method 
spectrometry +   
sphygmomanometry +   
taste threshold test 
tonometry +  
transepidermal water loss test 
ultrasound method +   
vascular indwelling catheter method +   
volume pressure recording +  

Exact Synonyms: EPR spectroscopy ;   ESR spectroscopy ;   electron spin resonance spectroscopy
Definition Sources: "Wikipedia" "Wikipedia"

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