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parallel rod floor apparatus method (MMO:0000590)
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activity monitoring apparatus method 
conditioned placed preference test 
defensive burying test  
fear conditioning test +   
forced swim test +  
go/no-go task 
grid test 
hole-board test 
home cage monitoring method 
light-dark box test 
novel cage apparatus method +   
observational fear learning apparatus method 
open field apparatus method +   
operant conditioning chamber method +  
parallel rod floor apparatus method 
A method used to assess motor coordination and balance whereby a clear acrylic box sits on top of a parallel rod floor made of conductive metal which is slightly above a base metal plate. Foot slips (errors) are recorded when an electrical circuit is completed; used to assess effects of alcohol or other substances; a built-in activity monitor may record distance traveled.
puzzle box apparatus method 
rotarod performance test 
SHIRPA test +  
three-chamber assay +  
tilting plane test +   
two way shuttlebox apparatus method +   
vestibular system assessment method 
visual cliff apparatus method 
visual water box method 

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