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ex vivo method +     
bioassay +   
calorimetry +  
electroanalytical method +  
electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy +  
enzymatic method +   
enzyme or transport activity assay +   
A procedure or technique performed outside the living body by which the catalytic activity of an enzyme (a protein that catalyzes chemical reactions of other substances without itself being destroyed or altered upon completion of the reactions) or activity of a transport molecule or complex is assessed and a quantitative or qualitative value assigned.
ex vivo analysis of atomic composition +  
ex vivo biological fluid analysis +   
ex vivo linear measurement method +   
ex vivo manometry 
ex vivo microbiological method +  
ex vivo microscopy +   
ex vivo photography +  
ex vivo radiography +   
ex vivo solid waste analysis +  
ex vivo visual assessment  
ex vivo volume measurement method +   
immunoassay +   
isolated body part method +   
isolated cell method +   
molecular separation method +   
nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy +  
osmometry +  
radioactivity measurement method +   
spectrometry +   

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Definition Sources: Dorland:Dorlands_Illustrated_Medical_Dictionary--31st_Ed,,

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