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ex vivo videomicroscopy (MMO:0000319)
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confocal microscopy +  
ex vivo light microscopy with digital image analysis +   
ex vivo light microscopy with histochemistry +   
ex vivo light microscopy with inverted microscope 
ex vivo linear measurement method using light microscopy 
ex vivo stereo light microscopy +   
ex vivo videomicroscopy 
The use of video microscopes provide a live feed image directly to a computer, TV or a LCD projector. There are several different setups for video microscopes which differ mostly based on the type of camera and the frames per second that the camera provides. The main goal for a video microscope is typically a smooth real-time video image that does not jump and is fluid.

Exact Synonyms: ex vivo television microscopy ;   ex vivo video microscopy
Xrefs: PMID:27270176
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