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urine analysis +     
automated urine analysis +  
urine aldosterone analysis 
urine creatinine analysis +   
urine electrolyte analysis +   
urine mass measurement method +  
urine nitrite analysis +  
urine pH analysis 
urine protein analysis +   
urine test strip +   
A solid phase colorimetric assay utilizing a strip of paper, or of plastic with one or more attached pads of paper, impregnated with a reagent that reacts with an element or compound is dipped into the urine sample, allowed to react for a specified period of time and the results then assessed by a visual comparison with a standard chromatic/color scale or by an automated analyzer.
urine urea analysis +  
urine volume measurement method +   

Related Synonyms: urine dipstick test
Definition Sources: Collins:Collins_Online_English_Dictionary, "Wikipedia" "Wikipedia"

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