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blood lipoprotein analysis (MMO:0000167)
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automated plasma lipid analysis 
automated plasma triglyceride analysis 
automated serum lipid analysis +  
blood cytokine analysis 
blood eicosanoid analysis +  
blood enzyme activity assay +   
blood free fatty acid analysis +  
blood globulin analysis +  
blood hemoglobin analysis 
blood lipoprotein analysis +   
A test which measures one or more properties such as the amount, composition, etc of lipoprotein or a component of lipoprotein in blood. A lipoprotein is any of a group of conjugated proteins that have at least one lipid component and are the principal means by which lipids are transported in the blood.
blood phospholipid analysis +   
blood sterol analysis +   
blood total protein analysis +  
blood triglyceride analysis +   

Related Synonyms: blood lipoprotein test
Definition Sources: American_Heritage:The_American_Heritage_Medical_Dictionary_2007

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