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cooperative interaction (MI:1149)
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alias type +  
attribute name +  
biological role +  
causal interaction +  
cooperative interaction +  
A set of molecular binding events that influence each other either positively or negatively through allostery or pre-assembly. In this context, covalent post-translational modifications are considered as binding events. CV terms that are part of this term allow the description of cooperative interactions using the current PSI-MI schema.
cross-reference type +  
curation content +  
curation quality +  
database citation +  
experimental preparation +  
experimental role +  
feature detection method +  
feature range status +  
feature type +  
interaction confidence +  
interaction detection method +  
interaction type +  
interactor type +  
parameter type +  
parameter unit +  
participant identification method +  

Exact Synonyms: cooperativity
Definition Sources: PMID:18641616

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