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Absence of stomach bubble on fetal sonography  
Echogenic fetal bowel  
Fetal abdominal cyst 
Fetal abdominal cysts are usually detected during the second trimester anomaly scan or discovered incidentally at later gestations. However, a definitive diagnosis is often not made until postnatal life. The most common etiologies of fetal abdominal cysts are: ovarian, gastrointestinal cystic duplication, liver and choledochal, meconium pseudocysts, mesenteric and adrenal. Following identification of a cyst, careful morphological assessment allows the prediction of their natural history and importantly, the likelihood of surgical intervention being required postnatally.
Fetal ascites  
Fetal bowel dilatation 
Gastric pseudomass 
Intraluminal meconium calcification 
Meconium pseudocyst 
Prenatal double bubble sign  

Exact Synonyms: Fetal cystic abdominal mass ;   Foetal abdominal cyst ;   Foetal cystic abdominal mass
Definition Sources: PMID:12780436, PMID:30763268, PMID:34189111

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