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Dense metaphyseal bands (HP:0100959)
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Abnormal lower-limb metaphysis morphology +   
Abnormal metaphyseal trabeculation +   
Abnormal metaphyseal vascular invasion  
Abnormal upper limb metaphysis morphology +   
Alternating radiolucent and radiodense metaphyseal lines 
Corner fracture of metaphysis  
Dense metaphyseal bands  
Dense radiopaque bands of bone which are thicker than the adjacent diaphyseal cortex and may form at the metaphysis of growing bones. They appear on radiographs as bone that is more radiopaque that the adjacent diaphyseal cortex.
Dumbbell-shaped metaphyses  
Enlarged metaphyses +   
Metaphyseal cupping +   
Metaphyseal dysplasia +   
Metaphyseal enchondromatosis +   
Metaphyseal irregularity +   
Metaphyseal rarefaction  
Metaphyseal sclerosis +   
Metaphyseal spurs +   
Metaphyseal striations +   
Metaphyseal widening +   

Exact Synonyms: Dense metaphyseal band sign ;   Dense metaphyseal lines ;   Lead lines in metaphyses of bones ;   Transverse metaphyseal bands
Xrefs: UMLS:C4020919
Definition Sources:, PMID:10352605

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