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Abnormal axial muscle morphology +   
Abnormal hyoglossus muscle morphology 
Abnormal lateral cricoarytenoid muscle morphology 
Abnormal mitochondria in muscle tissue  
Abnormal morphology of musculature of pharynx +   
Abnormal morphology of the abdominal musculature +   
Abnormal morphology of the chest musculature 
Abnormal morphology of the musculature of the neck +   
Abnormal morphology of the pelvis musculature +   
Abnormal morphology of the shoulder musculature 
Abnormal muscle fiber morphology +   
Abnormality of facial musculature +   
Abnormality of muscle size +   
Abnormality of musculature of soft palate +  
Abnormality of the back musculature 
Abnormality of the diaphragm +   
Abnormality of the extraocular muscles +   
Abnormality of the musculature of the limbs +   
Abnormality of the musculature of the thorax +   
Abnormality of the tongue muscle +   
Calcification of muscles 
Cholangitis +   
Chondritis +   
Decreased muscle mass  
Endocarditis +   
Fasciitis +   
Fatty replacement of skeletal muscle  
Firm muscles  
Flexion contracture +   
Gastrointestinal inflammation +   
Generalized muscular appearance from birth  
Hepatitis +   
Increased intramuscular fat  
Inflammatory abnormality of the eye +   
Inflammatory abnormality of the skin +   
Intramuscular hematoma  
Muscle eosinophilia 
Muscle hemorrhage 
Muscular dystrophy +   
Muscular edema  
Myopathy +   
A general term for inflammation of the muscles without respect to the underlying cause.
Nephritis +   
Neuroinflammation +   
Osteomyelitis +   
Otitis media +   
Pancreatitis +   
Periodontitis +   
Pneumonia +   
Rhabdomyolysis +   
Serositis +   
Sinusitis +   
Skeletal muscle fibrosis  
Skeletal muscle steatosis  
Stomatitis +   
Systemic autoinflammation 
Thyroiditis +   
Urinary bladder inflammation  

Exact Synonyms: Muscle inflammation
Xrefs: MSH:D009220 ;   SNOMEDCT_US:128496001 ;   SNOMEDCT_US:26889001 ;   UMLS:C0027121
Definition Sources: HPO:sdoelken

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