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Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the fibula +   
Decreased fibular diameter  
Fibular bowing  
Fibular duplication  
Fibular overgrowth +   
Fractured clavicle bone +  
Fractured epiphysis +  
Fractured fibula 
A partial or complete breakage of the fibula.
Fractured fused metatarsal bones 2-4 
Fractured head of femur 
Fractured humerus +  
Fractured lateral malleolus of fibula 
Fractured lower leg 
Fractured metacarpal bone of digit 1 
Fractured metaphysis of femur 
Fractured metatarsal bone of digit 1 
Fractured metatarsal bone of digit 4 
Fractured metatarsal bone of digit 5 
Fractured patella 
Fractured phalanx +  
Fractured phalanx of pes +  
Fractured radius  
Fractured rib  
Fractured sternal end of clavicle 
Fractured tarsal bone +  
Fractured tibia +  
Fractured ulna 
Increased fibular diameter  
Long fibula  
Serpentine fibula 
Synostosis involving the fibula +   
Tibiofibular diastasis 

Exact Synonyms: Broken fibula ;   Fibula fracture ;   Fracture of the fibula ;   bone fibula

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