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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
Abnormality of the elbow +   
Abnormality of the glenoid fossa +   
Abnormality of the wrist +   
Down-sloping shoulders  
Fractured acetabular part of hip bone 
Fractured ankle 
Fractured clavicle bone +  
Fractured coccyx 
Fractured facial bone +  
Fractured forearm bones +   
Fractured fused sacrum 
Fractured hand bones +  
Fractured hindlimb bone +  
Fractured ilium 
Fractured metacarpophalangeal joint 
Fractured phalanx +  
Fractured radius  
Fractured rib  
Fractured scapula 
Fractured shoulder 
A fracture or multiple fractures of the humerus (ball) or the glenoid (socket) of the shoulder joint.
Fractured shoulder bone +  
Fractured sternoclavicular joint 
Fractured vertebra +  
Fractures of the long bones +   
Internally rotated shoulders  
Joint contracture of the hand +   
Metatarsal fracture  
Rotator cuff tear 
Scapulohumeral synostosis  
Shoulder contracture +   
Shoulder dislocation +   
Squared off shoulders 
Stippled calcification of the shoulder  
Synostosis involving bones of the upper limbs +