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Abnormal cervical spine morphology +   
Abnormal form of the vertebral bodies +   
Abnormal number of vertebrae +   
Abnormal vertebral epiphysis morphology  
Abnormally ossified vertebrae +   
Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the vertebrae +   
Dysplasia of second lumbar vertebra 
Fractured acetabular part of hip bone 
Fractured ankle 
Fractured coccyx 
Fractured facial bone +  
Fractured forearm bones +   
Fractured fused sacrum 
Fractured hand bones +  
Fractured hindlimb bone +  
Fractured ilium 
Fractured scapula 
Fractured shoulder 
Fractured shoulder bone +  
Fractured vertebra +  
A partial or complete breakage of the vertebra.
Fractures of the long bones +   
Metatarsal fracture  
Modic type vertebral endplate changes +  
Morbus Scheuermann +   
Multiple small vertebral fractures  
Osteoporosis of vertebrae  
Punctate vertebral calcifications  
Schmorl's node  
Sclerotic vertebral body  
Vertebral compression fracture  
Vertebral hyperostosis  
Vertebral segmentation defect +   

Exact Synonyms: bone vertebra

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