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Abnormal Eustachian tube morphology +   
A structural anomaly of the Eustachian tube (ET). The ET is a biomechanical valve between the nasopharynx and the middle ear. Physiologically, it controls the passive adaptation of the middle ear air pressure to the ambient air pressure primarily via direct muscular actions of the soft palate. In the closed state it protects the middle ear. Inadequate function of the ET causes middle ear ventilation disorders.
Abnormal middle ear morphology +   
Abnormal tympanic membrane morphology +   
Abnormality of the round window 
Abnormality of the vestibular window  
Functional abnormality of the middle ear +   
Neoplasm of the middle ear +   

Exact Synonyms: Abnormality of the Eustachian tube
Alternate IDs: HP:0040124
Xrefs: SNOMEDCT_US:204250005 ;   UMLS:C0262475
Definition Sources: PMID:34383758

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