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Abnormal fetal long-bone echogenicity (HP:0034072)
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Abnormal fetal long-bone echogenicity +  
Any deviation from the normal appearing echogenicity of the fetal bone. Echogenicity refers to the ability of tissue to reflect ultrasound waves back toward the transducer and produce an echo. Whenever there is an interface of structures with different echogenicities, a visible difference in contrast will be apparent on the screen. The higher the echogenicity of tissues, the brighter they appear on ultrasound imaging.
Abnormal fetal nasal bone visualization +   
Champagne cork sign 
Fetal fifth finger clinodactyly 
Hypoplasia of fetal nasal bone 
Lemon sign 
Reduced fetal femur/foot length ratio 
Short fetal femur length  
Short fetal humerus length 

Definition Sources: PMID:21472065

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