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Accessory cardiac bronchus 
Air bronchogram  
Air crescent 
Air trapping 
Airway casts +  
Apical pulmonary opacity 
Atelectasis +   
Beaded septum sign 
Bronchial atresia 
Bronchial cartilage hypoplasia 
Bronchial diverticula 
Bronchial hemorrhage 
Bronchial neoplasm +  
Bronchial wall thickening  
A bronchocele is bronchial dilatation due to retained secretions (mucoid impaction) usually caused by proximal obstruction, either congenital (eg, bronchial atresia) or acquired (eg, obstructing cancer). A bronchocele is a tubular or branching Y-or V-shaped structure that may resemble a gloved finger. The CT attenuation of the mucus is generally that of soft tissue but may be modified by its composition (eg, high-attenuation material in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis). In the case of bronchial atresia, the surrounding lung may be of decreased attenuation because of reduced ventilation and, thus, perfusion.
Bronchomalacia +   
Bronchomegaly +  
Continuous diaphragm sign 
Expiratory air trapping 
Increased airway neuroendocrine cells 
Increased airway neuroepithelial bodies 
Mass on thoracic imaging +   
Mosaic attenuation pattern in lung 
Organizing pneumonia  
Progressive massive fibrosis 
Pulmonary blood flow redistribution 
Pulmonary cavity +  
Pulmonary imaging sign +  
Pulmonary infiltrates +   
Pulmonary interstitial high-resolution computed tomography abnormality +   
Pulmonary mycetoma 
Pulmonary nodule +   
Pulmonary oligemia 
Pulmonary opacity +   
Pulmonary pseudocavity 
Recurrent bronchitis +   
Tracheal bronchus +   
Traction bronchiectasis 
Traction bronchiolectasis 

Definition Sources: PMID:18195376

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