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Pulmonary pseudocavity (HP:0033648)
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Air bronchogram  
Air crescent 
Air trapping 
Apical pulmonary opacity 
Atelectasis +   
Beaded septum sign 
Continuous diaphragm sign 
Expiratory air trapping 
Mass on thoracic imaging +   
Organizing pneumonia  
Progressive massive fibrosis 
Pulmonary blood flow redistribution 
Pulmonary cavity +  
Pulmonary imaging sign +  
Pulmonary infiltrates +   
Pulmonary interstitial high-resolution computed tomography abnormality +   
Pulmonary mycetoma 
Pulmonary nodule +   
Pulmonary oligemia 
Pulmonary opacity +   
Pulmonary pseudocavity 
A pseudocavity appears as an oval or round area of low attenuation in lung nodules, masses, or areas of consolidation that represent spared parenchyma, normal or ectatic bronchi, or focal emphysema rather than cavitation. These pseudocavities usually measure less than 1 cm in diameter. They have been described in patients with adenocarcinoma, bronchioloalveolar carcinoma, and benign conditions such as infectious pneumonia.

Definition Sources: PMID:18195376

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