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Accessory cardiac bronchus 
Airway casts +  
Bronchial atresia 
Bronchial cartilage hypoplasia 
Bronchial diverticula 
Bronchial hemorrhage 
Bronchial neoplasm +  
Bronchial wall thickening  
Radiological appearance of increased density around the walls of a bronchus or large bronchiole. This feature is thought to be related to edema involving the bronchial wall as well as the peribronchial interstitial space. If the cross section of a bronchus is captured in a radiograph or computed tomography image, it is said to have the appearance of a donut because of the central lucency representing the airway of the bronchus surrounded by a circular region of increased density.
Bronchomalacia +   
Bronchomegaly +  
Increased airway neuroendocrine cells 
Increased airway neuroepithelial bodies 
Recurrent bronchitis +   
Tracheal bronchus +   
Traction bronchiectasis 
Traction bronchiolectasis 

Exact Synonyms: Peribronchial cuffing ;   Peribronchial thickening
Definition Sources:, PMID:10555672, PMID:928676

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