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Third ventricle colloid cyst (HP:0032578)
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Absence of the third cerebral ventricle 
Basal ganglia cysts  
Cerebellar cyst +   
Dilated third ventricle  
Intracranial dermoid cyst 
Intracranial epidermoid cyst 
Intraventricular arachnoid cyst  
Periventricular cysts +   
Pineal cyst  
Pituitary gland cyst 
Posterior fossa cyst +   
Subependymal cysts  
Suprasellar arachnoid cyst  
Third ventricle colloid cyst 
An epithelial lined cyst filled with gelatinous material. The gelatinous material commonly contains mucin, old blood, cholesterol, and ions. Most colloid cysts identified are currently asymptomatic and identified incidentally on imaging. When a colloid cyst does cause issues, it most commonly causes obstructive hydrocephalus.

Definition Sources: PMID:30542631

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