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Abnormal fetal long-bone echogenicity +  
Abnormal fetal nasal bone visualization +   
Champagne cork sign 
Fetal fifth finger clinodactyly 
Hypoplasia of fetal nasal bone 
Lemon sign 
The lemon sign refers to the shape of the fetal skull at ultrasonography (US) when the frontal bones lose their normal convex contour and appear flattened or inwardly scalloped. This gives the skull a shape that is said to resemble a lemon.. The sign is seen on transverse sonograms of the fetal cranium obtained at the level of the ventricles.
Reduced fetal femur/foot length ratio 
Short fetal femur length  
Short fetal humerus length 

Definition Sources: ORCID:0000-0001-8612-1062, PMID:12832584, PMID:29089832

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