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Leptomeningeal enhancement (HP:0032070)
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Abnormal arachnoid mater morphology +   
Abnormal dura mater morphology +   
Abnormal pia mater 
Abnormal spinal meningeal morphology +   
Leptomeningeal enhancement  
Contrast material enhancement of the pia mater or enhancement that extends into the subarachnoid spaces of the sulci and cisterns is leptomeningeal enhancement. Leptomeningeal enhancement is usually associated with meningitis, which may be bacterial, viral, or fungal. The primary mechanism of this enhancement is breakdown of the blood-brain barrier without angiogenesis.
Meningeal calcification  
Meningioma +   
Meningocele +   
Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak  

Definition Sources: PMID:17374867

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