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Abnormal cardiac atrial physiology +   
Abnormal cardiac ventricular function +   
Abnormal fetal cardiovascular physiology +   
Abnormal heart sound +   
Abnormal heart valve physiology +   
Abnormal systemic blood pressure +   
A chronic deviation from normal pressure in the systemic arterial system.
Abnormal vascular physiology +   
Abnormality of blood circulation +   
Abnormality of cardiovascular system electrophysiology +   
Acute coronary syndrome +   
Angina pectoris  
Cardiac tamponade 
Chronotropic incompetence  
Congestive heart failure +   
Failure to elevate ammonia on ischemic exercise  
Failure to increase oxygen saturation on hyperoxia test 
Reduced systolic function +   
Shock +   
Syncope +   

Exact Synonyms: Abnormal systemic BP

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