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Umbilical cord hematoma (HP:0030657)
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Abnormal cord blood measurement +  
Abnormal insertion of umbilical cord +  
Abnormal umbilical blood flow measurement +  
Abnormal umbilical cord blood vessel morphology +   
Delayed umbilical cord separation  
Long umbilical cord 
Neonatal omphalitis  
Short umbilical cord  
Umbilical cord cyst 
Umbilical cord hematoma  
Bleeding from the vessels of the cord with extravasation of blood into the Wharton jelly surrounding the umbilical cord vessels.
Umbilical cord knot 
Umbilical vein varix +  

Exact Synonyms: Umbilical cord haematoma
Xrefs: SNOMEDCT_US:86256001 ;   UMLS:C0269855

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