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Abnormality of ethmoid sinus +  
Abnormality of frontal sinus +   
Abnormality of the maxillary sinus 
Abnormality of the sphenoid sinus  
Advanced pneumatization of cranial sinuses 
Aplasia/Hypoplasia involving the sinuses +   
Opacified paranasal sinuses 
Paranasal sinus neoplasm  
A tumor that originates in the paranasal sinus.
Sinusitis +   

Exact Synonyms: Neoplasm of the paranasal sinuses
Narrow Synonyms: Tumor of the paranasal sinuses ;   Tumour of the paranasal sinuses
Xrefs: MESH:D010255 ;   NCI:C3262 ;   SNOMEDCT_US:126675008 ;   UMLS:C0030470

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