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Accessory cardiac bronchus 
Airway casts +  
A replicate of airways from accumulated and condensed mucous and cellular material. These semisolid occlusions take the shape of the airway within they are formed, leading to obstruction of the tracheobronchial tree with consecutive respiratory insufficiency. Based on their principal composition, one can differentiate fibrin casts and mucin casts. Plastic bronchitis is the name of the condition characterized by the formation of airway casts.
Bronchial atresia 
Bronchial cartilage hypoplasia 
Bronchial diverticula 
Bronchial hemorrhage 
Bronchial neoplasm +  
Bronchial wall thickening  
Bronchomalacia +   
Bronchomegaly +  
Increased airway neuroendocrine cells 
Increased airway neuroepithelial bodies 
Recurrent bronchitis +   
Tracheal bronchus +   
Traction bronchiectasis 
Traction bronchiolectasis