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Reduced fetal femur/foot length ratio (HP:0025663)
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Abnormal fetal long-bone echogenicity +  
Abnormal fetal nasal bone visualization +   
Champagne cork sign 
Fetal fifth finger clinodactyly 
Hypoplasia of fetal nasal bone 
Lemon sign 
Reduced fetal femur/foot length ratio 
This ratio relates the length of the fetal femur to that of the fetal foot. The ratio is approximately 1 throughout the age range of 14 to 40 weeks of gestation. A substantial reduction in the raio can help differentiate fetuses that have dysplastic limb reduction from those whose limbs are short because of constitutional factors or IUGR. It can reduce the problem of an unknown gestational age and help to distinguish between fetal skeletal dysplasia and intrauterine growth retardation caused by other factors.
Short fetal femur length 
Short fetal humerus length 

Definition Sources: PMID:2406168, PMID:3292975

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