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Abnormal umbilical blood flow measurement (HP:0025657)
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Abnormal cord blood measurement +  
Abnormal fetal cardiovascular physiology +   
Abnormal insertion of umbilical cord +  
Abnormal umbilical blood flow measurement +  
Abnormal umbilical cord blood vessel morphology +   
Delayed umbilical cord separation  
Fetal anemia 
Fetal distress  
Intrauterine fetal demise of one twin after midgestation 
Long umbilical cord 
Neonatal omphalitis  
Premature closure of the ductus arteriosus 
Prenatal movement abnormality +   
Short umbilical cord  
Twin-to-twin transfusion 
Umbilical cord cyst 
Umbilical cord hematoma  
Umbilical cord knot 
Umbilical vein varix +  

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