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Abscess +     
Anorectal abscess  
Brain abscess  
Breast abscess 
Bronchitis +   
Cutaneous abscess +   
Deep neck abscess 
Inguinal abscess 
Intratesticular abscess 
Liver abscess  
Lung abscess  
A circumscribed area of pus or necrotic debris in lung parenchyma, which leads to a cavity, and after formation of bronchopulmonary fistula, can manifest as an air-fluid level inside the cavity.
Pancreatic abscess 
Peritoneal abscess +   
Pneumonia +   
Rectal abscess  
Recurrent respiratory infections +   
Spinal epidural abscess 
Sterile abscess  
Sulfur-containing abscess 
Tooth abscess +   
Vulvar abscess +  

Definition Sources: PMID:26366400

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