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Multilobulated spleen (HP:0020186)
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Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the spleen +   
Ectopia of the spleen  
Multilobulated spleen  
The fetal spleen is lobulated, and these lobules normally disappear before the birth. Lobulation of the spleen may persist into adult life and be typically seen along the medial part of the spleen. A persisting lobule results in a variation in shape of the spleen.
Splenic abscess +  
Splenic cyst  
Splenic infarction  
Splenic rupture  
Splenogonadal fusion 
Splenomegaly +   
Splenopancreatic fusion  
Supernumerary spleens +   

Exact Synonyms: Multi-lobulated spleen
Definition Sources: PMID:23710135

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