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Facial muscle hypertrophy (HP:0012892)
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Abnormality of jaw muscles +   
Abnormality of muscle of facial expression +   
Abnormality of mylohyoid muscle 
Abnormality of nasal musculature +  
Abnormality of platysma 
Facial hypotonia  
Facial muscle hypertrophy  
Hypertrophy of one or more muscles innervated by the facial nerve (the seventh cranial nerve).
Facial myokymia  
Generalized muscle hypertrophy  
Hypomimic face  
Hypoplasia of facial musculature  
Macroglossia +   
Marked muscular hypertrophy  
Muscle hypertrophy of the lower extremities +   
Neck muscle hypertrophy  
Paraspinal muscle hypertrophy 
Scapular muscle hypertrophy 
Spasticity of facial muscles  
Upper limb muscle hypertrophy +   
Weakness of facial musculature +   

Exact Synonyms: Increased size of facial muscles ;   Large facial muscles
Related Synonyms: Hyperplasia of facial muscles
Xrefs: UMLS:C4022691 ;   UMLS:C4280307
Definition Sources: UToronto:htrang

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