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Abnormal inflammatory response (HP:0012647)
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Abnormal inflammatory response +   
Any anomaly of the inflammatory response, a response to injury or infection characterized by local vasodilation, extravasation of plasma into intercellular spaces and accumulation of white blood cells and macrophages.
Abnormal leukocyte physiology +   
Abnormal lymphocyte surface marker expression +   
Abnormal MHC II surface expression +   
Abnormal phagocytosis +   
Abnormality of humoral immunity +   
Abnormality of immune serum protein physiology +   
Autoimmunity +   
Immune dysregulation  
Immunodeficiency +   
Immunologic hypersensitivity +   
Impaired antigen-specific response +   
Sepsis +   
Unusual infection +   

Xrefs: UMLS:C4022805
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