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Abnormal finger morphology +   
Abnormal toe morphology +   
Broad phalanx +   
Clinodactyly +   
Clubbing +   
Fractured interphalangeal joint 
Fractured manual digit bone +  
Fractured phalanx +  
Macrodactyly +   
Oligodactyly +   
Polydactyly +   
Short digit +   
One or more digit that appears disproportionately short compared to the hand/foot, whereby either the entire digit or a specific phalanx is shortened.
Syndactyly +   
 Brachydactyly +   
 Short finger +   
 Short toe +   

Related Synonyms: VERY SHORT DIGITS
Xrefs: UMLS:C1860176 ;   UMLS:C4023124
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