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Hamartoma +     
Renal neoplasm +     
Cerebral hamartoma +   
Cutaneous hamartoma 
Embryonal renal neoplasm +   
Fibrous hamartoma 
Hamartoma of the orbital region +   
Hamartomatous polyposis +   
Liver hamartoma 
Lymphangioma +   
Numerous nevi  
Renal cell carcinoma +   
Renal cortical adenoma  
Renal hamartoma +   
A disordered proliferation of mature tissues that are native to the kidneys.
Renal oncocytoma 
Renal pelvic carcinoma 
Renal sarcoma 
Renal transitional cell carcinoma  
Rhabdoid tumor of the kidney  
Spleen hamartoma 
Vascular hamartoma 

Xrefs: UMLS:C1840396
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