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Edema of the dorsum of hands (HP:0007514)
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Edema +     
Cerebral edema  
Corneal stromal edema  
Edema of the dorsum of hands  
An abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin on the back of the hands.
Edema of the upper limbs 
Facial edema +   
Generalized edema +   
Genital edema  
Hydrops fetalis +   
Hyperkeratosis over edematous areas  
Hypoproteinemic edema  
Increased nuchal translucency  
Intestinal edema +   
Joint swelling  
Laryngeal edema  
Lymphedema +   
Macular edema +   
Muscular edema  
Peau d'orange  
Pedal edema +   
Peripheral edema  
Pharyngeal edema  
Pleural effusion +   
Pulmonary edema  
Tongue edema  

Exact Synonyms: Edema of dorsum of hands ;   Oedema of dorsum of hands ;   Oedema of the dorsum of hands
Alternate IDs: HP:0007528
Xrefs: MEDDRA:10058204 "Oedema hands" ;   SNOMEDCT_US:443710002 ;   UMLS:C2732374 ;   UMLS:C2751873
Definition Sources: HPO:probinson

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