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Intraalveolar nodular calcifications (HP:0006514)
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Abnormal alveolar type II pneumocyte morphology +   
Abnormal calcification of the carpal bones +   
Abnormal pulmonary alveolar system development +   
Adrenal calcification  
Alveolar septal thickening 
Calcific stippling +   
Calcification of cartilage +   
Calcification of muscles 
Calcification of ribs +   
Calcinosis cutis  
Cardiovascular calcification +   
Cerebellar calcifications +   
Cerebral calcification +   
Chondrocalcinosis +   
Diffuse alveolar damage 
Epiphyseal stippling +   
Gingival calcification 
Gonadal calcification  
Hepatic calcification  
Hyaline membranes 
Intervertebral disk calcification  
Intraalveolar nodular calcifications  
Laryngeal calcification  
Pancreatic calcification  
Periarticular calcification  
Retinal calcification  
Sternal punctate calcifications  
Subcutaneous calcification  
Tarsal stippling  
Tracheal calcification  

Xrefs: UMLS:C4025028

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