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Periosteal thickening of long tubular bones (HP:0006465)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
Abnormal diaphysis morphology +   
Abnormal epiphysis morphology +   
Abnormal humerus morphology +   
Abnormal metaphysis morphology +   
Abnormal morphology of ulna +   
Bent long bone  
Broad long bones +   
Crumpled long bones  
Fractures of the long bones +   
Increased density of long bones +   
Metacarpal periosteal thickening  
Metatarsal periosteal thickening 
Overtubulated long bones  
Periosteal thickening of long tubular bones  
Thickening of the periosteum of long bone.
Periostosis +   
Phocomelia +   
Protuberances at ends of long bones  
Proximal phalangeal periosteal thickening 
Pseudoarthrosis +   
Short long bone +   
Slender long bone +   
Subperiosteal bone formation  
Thickened cortex of long bones +   

Xrefs: UMLS:C1834345
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