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Cone-shaped metacarpal epiphyses (HP:0006059)
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Abnormality of the epiphysis of the 1st metacarpal +   
Absent metacarpal epiphyses +  
Bracket metacarpal epiphyses +  
Broad metacarpal epiphyses  
Cone-shaped capital femoral epiphysis  
Cone-shaped distal radial epiphysis  
Cone-shaped epiphyses fused within their metaphyses  
Cone-shaped epiphyses of the phalanges of the hand +   
Cone-shaped epiphyses of the toes +  
Cone-shaped metacarpal epiphyses +   
A cone-shaped appearance of the epiphyses of the metacarpal bones, producing a 'ball-in-a-socket' appearance. This epiphyses are located at the distal ends of the metacarpal bones.
Enlarged metacarpal epiphyses +  
Epiphyseal stippling of the metacarpals +  
Fragmentation of the metacarpal epiphyses +   
Irregular epiphyses of the metacarpals +  
Ivory epiphyses of the metacarpals +  
Pseudoepiphyses of the metacarpals +   
Small epiphyses of the metacarpals +  
Triangular epiphyses of the metacarpals +  

Exact Synonyms: Cone-shaped end part of long bone
Xrefs: UMLS:C1855239
Definition Sources: HPO:curators

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