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Abnormal central motor function +   
Abnormal central sensory function +   
Abnormal cranial nerve physiology +   
Abnormal hypothalamus physiology +   
Abnormal nasal morphology +   
Abnormal nasopharynx morphology +   
Abnormal nervous system electrophysiology +   
Abnormal spinal cord physiology +   
Abnormal synaptic transmission +   
Abnormality of intracranial pressure +   
Abnormality of mental function +   
Abnormality of movement +   
Abnormality of nasal hair 
Abnormality of nasalis muscle 
Abnormality of pineal physiology +   
Abnormality of procerus muscle 
Abnormality of taste sensation +   
Abnormality of the choanae +   
Abnormality of the nasal cavity +   
Abnormality of the nasolabial region +   
Abnormality of the sense of smell +   
An anomaly in the ability to perceive and distinguish scents (odors).
Brain imaging abnormality +   
Bulbar palsy  
Bulbar signs  
Dysphagia +   
Easy fatigability  
Encephalopathy +   
Epistaxis +   
Headache +   
Hypocalcemic tetany  
Lhermitte's sign 
Nasal congestion  
Neurodevelopmental abnormality +   
Peripheral neuropathy +   
Perisylvian FDG hypermetabolism 
Pseudobulbar signs +   
Rhinitis +   
Seizure +   
Somatic sensory dysfunction +   
 Anosmia +   
 Hyposmia +   
 Phantosmia +   

Exact Synonyms: Abnormal sense of smell ;   Abnormality of olfaction ;   Smell defect
Alternate IDs: HP:0004410
Xrefs: UMLS:C4021655

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