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Premature fusion of the radial epiphyseal plates (HP:0004012)
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Abnormality of the distal radial epiphysis +   
Abnormality of the proximal radial epiphysis +  
Broad radial epiphyseal plate 
Cone-shaped distal radial epiphysis  
Constricted radial neck 
Flattened radial epiphyses +   
Irregular radial epiphyses 
Large radial epiphyses 
Medially deficient radial epiphyses 
Premature fusion of the radial epiphyseal plates +  
A premature fusion of the epiphyseal plates of the radius. Epiphyseal plates are located at the distal and proximal ends of the long bones, in this case of the radius and premature fusion will have an effect on the growh of the radial bone, inhibiting or at least disturbing the normal growth and development of the bone.
Round radial epiphyses 
Sclerotic radial epiphyses 
Sloping radial epiphyses +  
Small radial epiphyses 

Xrefs: UMLS:C4025446
Definition Sources: HPO:sdoelken

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