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Corner fracture of metaphysis (HP:0003908)
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Abnormal lower-limb metaphysis morphology +   
Abnormal metaphyseal trabeculation +   
Abnormal metaphyseal vascular invasion  
Abnormal upper limb metaphysis morphology +   
Alternating radiolucent and radiodense metaphyseal lines 
Corner fracture of metaphysis  
Fracture or fragmentation at the lateral portion of the metaphysis of a long bone. The radiographic appearance is that of a small corner of metaphysis separated from the metaphyseal edge by thin linear radiolucency. This feature can be observed in child abuse but fragmented appearance of the metaphysis or facture-like lesions can also be detected in the setting of certain skeletal dysplasias.
Dense metaphyseal bands  
Dumbbell-shaped metaphyses  
Enlarged metaphyses +   
Metaphyseal cupping +   
Metaphyseal dysplasia +   
Metaphyseal enchondromatosis +   
Metaphyseal irregularity +   
Metaphyseal rarefaction  
Metaphyseal sclerosis +   
Metaphyseal spurs +   
Metaphyseal striations +   
Metaphyseal widening +   

Exact Synonyms: Bucket handle fracture ;   Metaphyseal corner fracture
Xrefs: UMLS:C4025516
Definition Sources: PMID:15206413, PMID:20544318

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