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Abnormal humeral diaphysis morphology +   
Abnormal humeral head morphology +   
Abnormal morphology of the cortex of the humerus +  
Angulated humerus  
Bifid humerus  
Bowed forearm bones +   
Bowed humerus  
A bending or abnormal curvature of the humerus.
Coarse humeral trabeculae 
Crumpled humerus 
Deformed humerus +  
Fractured humerus +  
Humeral exostoses 
Humeral lytic defects 
Humeral pseudarthrosis  
Humerus varus  
Lateral humeral condyle aplasia 
Oval transradiancy of humerus 
Slender humerus 
Tapered humerus  
Undermodeled humerus 
Wide humerus  

Exact Synonyms: Bowed long bone in upper arm ;   Bowing of the humerus ;   Humeral bowing
Xrefs: UMLS:C1859460
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