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Increased susceptibility to fractures (HP:0002659)
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Abnormal shoulder physiology +   
Abnormality of joint mobility +   
Abnormality of skeletal maturation +   
Avascular necrosis +   
Bone pain  
Delayed fracture healing 
Increased susceptibility to fractures +   
An abnormally increased tendency to fractures of bones caused by an abnormal reduction in bone strength that is generally associated with an increased risk of fracture.
Limb pain +   
Osteomyelitis +   

Exact Synonyms: Abnormal susceptibility to fractures ;   Bone fragility ;   Frequent broken bones ;   Increased bone fragility ;   Increased tendency to fractures
Alternate IDs: HP:0002662 ;   HP:0002798 ;   HP:0005710 ;   HP:0005783 ;   HP:0005931
Xrefs: UMLS:C1390474
Definition Sources: HPO:sdoelken

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