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Cerebral calcification (HP:0002514)
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Abnormal calcification of the carpal bones +   
Abnormal cerebral cortex morphology +   
Abnormal diffusion weighted cerebral MRI morphology  
Abnormality of the cerebral subcortex +   
Abnormality of the septum pellucidum +   
Adrenal calcification  
Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the cerebrum +   
Atrophy/Degeneration affecting the cerebrum +   
Calcific stippling +   
Calcification of cartilage +   
Calcification of muscles 
Calcification of ribs +   
Calcinosis cutis  
Cardiovascular calcification +   
Cerebellar calcifications +   
Cerebral calcification +   
The presence of calcium deposition within brain structures.
Cerebral edema  
Cerebral granulomatosis 
Cerebral inclusion bodies +   
Cerebral infarct +   
Chondrocalcinosis +   
Diffuse cerebral sclerosis  
Epiphyseal stippling +   
Gingival calcification 
Gonadal calcification  
Granulovacuolar degeneration  
Hepatic calcification  
Intervertebral disk calcification  
Intraalveolar nodular calcifications  
Laryngeal calcification  
Leukoencephalopathy +   
Megalencephaly +   
Pancreatic calcification  
Periarticular calcification  
Porencephalic cyst  
Retinal calcification  
Schizencephaly +   
Sternal punctate calcifications  
Subcutaneous calcification  
Tarsal stippling  
Tracheal calcification  

Exact Synonyms: Abnormal deposits of calcium in the brain ;   Brain calcification ;   Intracerebral calcifications ;   Intracranial calcification ;   Intracranial calcifications
Alternate IDs: HP:0002502 ;   HP:0005806 ;   HP:0006848
Xrefs: SNOMEDCT_US:17944005 ;   UMLS:C0270685
Definition Sources: HPO:probinson

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