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Absent cavum septum pellucidum 
Absent septum pellucidum +   
Cavum septum pellucidum  
If the two laminae of the septum pellucidum are not fused then a fluid-filled space or cavum is present. The cavum septum pellucidum is present at birth but usually obliterates by the age of 3 to 6 months. It is up to 1cm in width and the walls are parallel. It is an enclosed space and is not part of the ventricular system or connected with the subarachnoid space.
Partial absence of the septum pellucidum 
Wide cavum septum pellucidum 

Exact Synonyms: Large cavum septi pellucidi ;   Persistent cavum septum pellucidum ;   Widened cavum septum pellucidum
Alternate IDs: HP:0006884 ;   HP:0007091 ;   HP:0007336
Xrefs: UMLS:C1840380
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