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Hyperreflexia +     
Alien limb phenomenon  
Brisk reflexes  
Chorea +   
Chvostek sign 
Clonus +   
A series of rhythmic and involuntary muscle contractions (at a frequency of about 5 to 7 Hz) that occur in response to an abruptly applied and sustained stretch.
Fasciculations +   
Generalized hyperreflexia  
Hyperactive deep tendon reflexes  
Hyperreflexia in upper limbs +   
Hyperreflexia proximally  
Jaw hyperreflexia  
Lower limb hyperreflexia +   
Myoclonus +   
Paroxysmal dyskinesia  
Self-mutilation of tongue and lips due to involuntary movements  
Stereotypy +   
Tics +   
Tremor +   

Exact Synonyms: Involuntary rhythmic muscular contractions and relaxations
Xrefs: SNOMEDCT_US:36649002 ;   UMLS:C0009024
Definition Sources: HPO:probinson

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