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Asymmetric growth +     
Abnormality of limb bone +   
Abnormality of the lower limb +   
Abnormality of the musculature of the limbs +   
Abnormality of the upper limb +   
Aplasia/hypoplasia of the extremities +   
Autoamputation +   
Fractured lower limb segment +   
Fractured upper limb segment +  
Hemiatrophy +   
Hemihypertrophy +   
Overgrowth of only one side of the body.
Limb fasciculations  
Lower limb asymmetry +   
Upper limb asymmetry +   

Exact Synonyms: Asymmetric limb hypertrophy ;   Asymmetric overgrowth
Alternate IDs: HP:0006416
Xrefs: SNOMEDCT_US:205838004 ;   SNOMEDCT_US:56007004 ;   UMLS:C0332890
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