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Dentinogenesis imperfecta limited to primary teeth  
Dentinogenesis imperfecta of primary and permanent teeth 
The diagnosis odontodysplasia requires clinical and radiological exams, in which unusually large pulp chambers and large pulp room chambers with thin enamel and dentin are visible. It may affect either a single tooth or several teeth. The term regional odontodysplasia is used if several teeth are affected. It affects the deciduous and permanent dentitions in the maxilla, the mandible or both, although the maxilla is more frequently involved. A type of dental dysplasia occurring in dentinogenesis imperfecta in which the pulp chambers are enlarged and there is a reduced amount of coronal dentin.

Exact Synonyms: Ghost teeth ;   Shell teeth ;   Teeth with dentinal dysplasia ;   Teeth with thin dentin and large pulp chambers ;   Teeth with type iii dentinogenesis imperfecta
Xrefs: SNOMEDCT_US:67504007 ;   UMLS:C2981132
Definition Sources: HPO:ibailleulforestier

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