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Abnormal corneal reflex +   
Abnormal extraocular muscle physiology +   
Abnormal intraocular pressure +   
Abnormal pupillary function +   
Abnormal visual accommodation +   
Abnormal visual electrophysiology +   
Abnormality of eye movement +   
Abnormality of refraction +   
Abnormality of vision +   
Abnormality of eyesight (visual perception).
Congenital stationary cone dysfunction 
Decreased corneal sensation  
Glaucoma +   
Hemorrhage of the eye +   
Inflammatory abnormality of the eye +   
Lacrimation abnormality +   
Ocular pain +   
Ptosis +   
Staring gaze  

Exact Synonyms: Abnormality of sight ;   Vision issue
Xrefs: UMLS:C4025846
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