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Everted lower lip vermilion (HP:0000232)
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Eclabion +     
Cleft lower lip 
Curved linear dimple below the lower lip  
Everted lower lip vermilion  
An abnormal configuration of the lower lip such that it is turned outward i.e., everted, with the Inner aspect of the lower lip vermilion (normally opposing the teeth) being visible in a frontal view.
Everted upper lip vermilion  
Lower lip pit  
Thick lower lip vermilion  
Thin lower lip vermilion  

Exact Synonyms: Drooping lower lip ;   Eclabium of lower lip ;   Everted lower lip ;   Everted prominent lower lip ;   Outward turned lower lip
Related Synonyms: Protruding lower lip
Alternate IDs: HP:0000184 ;   HP:0002264 ;   HP:0002712 ;   HP:0004665 ;   HP:0009086 ;   HP:0009093
Xrefs: UMLS:C1853246 ;   UMLS:C1866234
Definition Sources: PMID:19125428

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